Protests in Seoul.


I woke up, like many, to the news of the Paris attacks. This shook me immensely and thoughts of Paris, a city that I have loved for many years, coloured my thoughts during the day.

We were in Seoul for the annual lantern festival. In the hours before, we decided to wander around. We had been warned of the protests by the hotel manager but headed to the city centre area regardless, it was a place that we had not really explored before now and we thought that the protests would be like all the others that we had seen in Korea; quiet and unassuming.

However, we were met by an extraordinary amount of police officers. Thousands lined the streets. All dressed in riot gear, they cut a formidable sight as we walked towards the tourist downtown area.

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I’ve always counted magpies. Sometimes I actually believe that if I see only one my day is doomed. Sometimes I think about their lives and if there is only one, has it really lost it’s partner? Maybe I’m being melodramatic.
I came across a statue a few weeks ago which depicted my favourite Korean story called ‘Magpie Bridge’. Well, really, its an adaption of a Chinese story (a similar festival called Qixi is celebrated there). It goes like this…

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What the Kimchi?

Kimchi. The wonderful marmite of Korea. I don’t think I love it and often I absolutely hate it. However, living in Korea means that I eat it at least five times a week. Lunch is a great time to talk and the conversation often turns to food. More specifically, ‘Lauren, do you like Kimchi?’ is a question that I have to answer with a non-offensive ‘yes, it’s ok’ on a regular basis.

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Daejeon O World

006Cuteness is the theme at O-World.

Being new to Daejeon, O-World was high on my list of places to visit. O-World is made up of three places- a theme park, a zoo and flower land. Before going, I trawled the internet to find out what I could expect. Among these posts I found a few relating to the zoo that mentioned small cages, unhappy animals and overall not-too-great conditions and I felt a bit unsure as to whether or not it would be a good idea to visit.

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