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Seoul Lantern Festival


Seoul’s Cheonggyecheon Stream is the setting for the capital’s yearly Lantern Festival. It seems that many cities in Korea have lantern festivals (for any reason at all really) but Seoul’s was the first one that I read about and it was high up on my list of things to see in Korea.

Cheonggyecheon stream was covered by the city above for many years but was reclaimed and reopened in 2005. It is beautiful all year round but at Lantern Festival, it is transformed into a magical place.

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My fascination with spaces, real and imaginary, stems from the moment my art teacher, Katy, introduced me to the work of Rachel Whiteread.

Writeread’s Turner-prize winning piece was called ‘House’ and in this piece she solidified empty space, the memories of the home and the lives that it once contained. It captivated me. The idea that the moments that create life can be contained in the space between things is something that I regularly think about and sometimes cannot help but photograph. It was in my last trip to Seoul that I found myself peering into these semi-private spaces.

These are the images and the moments that I took.


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