Gyeongju Top 7


‘Beautiful Gyeongju’


There are many places in Korea that sound similar to ‘Gyeongju’ but you do not want to get confused and miss the opportunity to visit this gem of a place. Gyeongju is extremely easy to get to from pretty much anywhere in Korea by using the wonderful bus and train networks ( ; . This small city was also the capital of Korea during the Unified Silla Dynasty before it moved to (at the time) the more centrally-located Seoul.

Being steeped in history as it is, I knew there was a lot to see in Gyeongju before I went. I only had four days and I was concerned that I may not be able to fit it all in but with a lot of coffee and geeky enthusiasm I walked non-stop for this time and can now tell you all about it.

Here are my top 7 things to see and do in Gyeongju (I couldn’t cut it down to 5, sorry).

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