Jinhae before the festival.


I am in East Asia. It’s Spring. Yes, it’s that magical time of year again:



Apart from, not if you go to the festival a week early. As I learned the hard way….


I wanted to visit the premium cherry blossom viewing location in all of the peninsula and so after many inquiries with friends and the dear internet, I made the trek to Jinhae (an hour by bus west from Busan and a bargain at only 5000won each way).

I had heard and seen a lot of images of Jinhae and I greedily wanted some for myself too so I thought that it would be a wise move to go a week early and avoid the crowds during the official festival.

This was a mistake, do not repeat this mistake.

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Spring, officially.

Winter started with an abrupt punctuality that I had never experienced before. The very first official day of winter it snowed on cue and I played British institution ‘The Snowman’. Perfect.

I thought that this may be a fluke but it happened once more. On the Spring Equinox, I went outside and soaked up the first day of new season. A warm breeze, chattering of birds and groups of elated bees filled the air. Spring is here in Korea, at last, and I am so happy.


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