First Smog vs. Hurricane Ophelia

The remnants of Hurricane Ophelia have made land in the UK today. Being in the North of England, I have been fortunate to be out of the main storm’s path but for around four hours we experienced a strange phenomenon that seemed, to me, to be straight out of Korea…

Cutting down my photos for my exhibition, I realised that a lot of my images were shot in clear, beautiful days or balmy, electric nights and it took me a while to realise that this was not the Korea of my every day experience! Many days, of course, were filled with brilliant, high, pristine skies (like the one below) but many were also consumed with thick, treacle-y smog that scratched your throat and made your eyes strain for the nearest mountain.


‘Just another diamond day’ ~ Suwon

The first of those smoggy days came back to me today, as I strained to see 500ft out of the office block where I work now. The sky today has been darkened by particles of the Sahara and dust from forest fires of Spain and Portugal, carried on the ex-hurricane winds. And while a many of my colleagues were saying it looked like the apocalypse (we’re a calm bunch normally, I promise) I just thought ‘hey, that looks like Korea!’


The ‘view’ from work / why go to the Sahara when the Sahara can come to you!


So thanks to the outright strange weather today, I’ve decided to include my image, ‘First Smog’, in my exhibition. One more done!



‘First Smog’ Daejeon, 2016






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